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Biopharma Applications Compendium

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Are you looking for a comprehensive source of applications information for biopharmaceutical methods? If so, this biopharma applications compendium is what you need. Sign up for your free copy now...

Fast profiling N-glycans in biotherapeutic antibodies by UHPLC-FLD with MS confirmation

Webinar - On-demand

Stefan Mittermayr (NIBRT, Ireland)

The development and optimization of a widely applicable UHPLC approach to fast, comprehensive profiling of 2-AA and 2-AB labeled glycans in IgG antibodies. The approach was validated with a human serum IgG and a commercial chimeric IgG1 mAb (infliximab). Glycan profiles were confirmed by exoglycosidase enzyme digestion and high-resolution, accurate-mass mass spectrometry, allowing increased sample throughput.

An ultrafast, batch-to-batch comparison of monoclonal antibody glycosylation

Application Article

To develop a high-throughput screening method using HILIC UHPLC separation of 2AA-labelled glycans in a model mAb as a proof of concept for a more general approach to mAb glycoprofiling capable of identifying differences in high abundance gylcoforms.

Biopharmaceutical Application Notebook

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A compilation of more than twenty application notes covering important aspects of biopharmaceutical analysis such as glycosylation and determination of drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) of ADCs. The last section of the notebook provides tips and tricks to improve chromatographic separation of biomolecules.

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