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Separation Science Biopharmaceutical Methods & Applications offers free learning from the experts covering methods & applications of various analytical techniques as they are used in biopharmaceutical laboratories.

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Simultaneous Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies using a Novel Dual-channel UHPLC Instrument and Orthogonal Chromatography

Application Note

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Learn how to perform simple and rapid high-throughput analysis of biotherapeutics using different chromatographic techniques at one time.

Biopharma Applications Compendium

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Are you looking for a comprehensive source of applications information for biopharmaceutical methods? If so, this biopharma applications compendium is what you need. Sign up for your free copy now...

Simple charge variant profile comparison of an innovator monoclonal antibody and a biosimilar candidate

Application Article

The aim of this study was to demonstrate the effectiveness of a simple pH gradient/ion-exchange chromatography workflow approach to the characterization of the different charge variants profiles of an innovator molecule (cetuximab) and a candidate biosimilar. To show the assay is simple, reproducible, easily optimized and resolves variants effectively.

Analysis of a Bispecific Monoclonal Antibody with SEC-MS

Application Article

Looking for an effective method for monoclonal antibody analysis? SEC-MS could be the answer...

SEC-MALS and CG-MALS: Complementary Techniques to Characterize Protein-DNA Complexes

White Paper

This white paper presents the characterization of protein-DNA complexes using two complementary multi-angle light scattering (MALS) techniques.

Host Cell Protein Analysis Using Agilent AssayMAP Bravo and 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF

Application Article

This study demonstrates an end to end HCP analysis workflow including the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo for automated sample preparation, 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q‑TOF for LC-MS/MS analysis, and software for data analysis.

Biopharmaceutical Application Notebook

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A compilation of more than twenty application notes covering important aspects of biopharmaceutical analysis such as glycosylation and determination of drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) of ADCs. The last section of the notebook provides tips and tricks to improve chromatographic separation of biomolecules.

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