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Separation Science Biopharmaceutical offers free learning from the experts covering videos & tutorials for users of various analytical techniques as they are used in biopharmaceutical laboratories.

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GPC / SEC Good Practice & Troubleshooting

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Dr Daniela Held (PSS, Germany)

In this learning series you'll be provided with video tutorials discussing the best practice and troubleshooting solutions for gel permeation chromatography / size exclusion chromatography. Topics covered include sample injection, column issues, pressure problems, unexpected peak shapes and sample preparation.

Practical HPLC for Biopharmaceuticals

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Analytical Training Solutions

Although “small molecule” and “biopolymer” separations have traditionally been considered as separate activities, analysts in the biopharmaceutical industry regularly have to deal with both. Fortunately, the underlying principles of chromatography apply equally well in both situations when interpreted appropriately. This online course covers the basics of isocratic and gradient HPLC; reversed phase and ion exchange HPLC; understanding and overcoming common column problems; alternative modes: normal phase, HILIC and size exclusion; quantitation; UHPLC; erformance qualification; troubleshooting and diagnostics.

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